History of St Ives


The Ancient Settlement
St Ives in the period before it became a recognised settlement.
Timeline of the last millennium
The first recorded settlement in St Ives was around the year 986. The last 1000 years represents the recorded history of the area.
Oliver Cromwell
Oliver Cromwell lived in St Ives for a number of years. He is celebrated by a statue in The Market Square.
St Ives railway line
For 150 years or so St Ives was connected to Cambridge, Huntingdon, March and Ely as part of the national railway network. The railway line has now been dismantled but it has left some marks on the area.
Floods image small
Flooding in St Ives
St Ives is located right on the bank of the river Great Ouse with flood plains all around. Given the low lying nature of the land the whole area is prone to flooding. The worst floods in recent history were in 1998.
Published and Internet resources providing more historical information about St Ives.

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