Nature, Conservation and Outdoors

Nature Reserves

Fendrayton Nature Reserve
Fen Drayton Nature Reserve
A local nature reserve created from exhausted gravel pits.
Holt Island Nature Reserve
Holt Island
A 7 acre nature reserve created on a small island in the river Great Ouse just opposite The Waits in St Ives.
Houghton Meadows
Houghton Meadows
An example of ancient grassland habitat, located next to the Thicket Path near Houghton.

Outdoor places and activities

Ouse Valley Way
The Ouse Valley Way
This is a footpath covering some 35km along the river Great Ouse, and passing through St Ives.
Nobles Field
Noble's Field
A Field on the river bank just to the West of St Ives, for the use of the townspeople of St Ives.
Swavesey Lakes
Walks and days out amongst nature in and around the Fendrayton gravel pits, also referred to as the Swavesey Lakes.

Conservation around St Ives

The Raptor Foundation
The Raptor Foundation
A rescue and rehabilitation centre for birds of prey - owls, buzzards, eagles, kestrels etc.
Wilhorn Meadow
Between the Causeway and the Great Ouse, this Meadow is deliberately left unmowed in spring to cultivate the natural growth of buttercups and other wild flowers.
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