St Ives - Site Map

Explorer style site map

From here you can jump directly to most places around the St Ives web site. On the left is an "explorer" style list of pages grouped under relevant headings. Clicking on a "+" next to an item will expand the list of sub-topics under that item. Conversely clicking on a "-" will close the sub-list. Clicking on an item will take you directly to the relevant page, which is opened in a new browser window. The original browser window containing the Site Map remains open so you can quickly switch back to it without reloading the page.

You will need to have Java enabled in your browser in order to use this.If it does not work, check the preference settings in your browser and make sure that you have Java enabled. It should work with most current JVMs.

Please note that all pages link into a new browser window.

St Ives Map

sensitive clickable map of town

The area around St Ives

clickable map of the environs
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